My dear intermediate 1 and 2 students

At this time, you must be working on a  video to present as  your last work  (according to each group schedule).

You must do a free presentation  based on  the topics, grammar and activities done during the semestrer in your English class (regular/lab).


Characterisctis of your video:

Lenght:  depending of the topic and people on it,  between 4 to 10 minutes.

Participants: 2 to 5 people

Topics: according to your preferences, try to use the topics studied in your regular English class or lab



Intermediate 1: documentaries

Intermediate 2: News or talk shows

Suggested topics for documentaries: social problems among young people, education, enviroment, entertainment, profiles, sports, coutries, books, movies, etc

Your video must have a title and  credits;   be subtitled is optional.

You must pay attention and be very careful  on pronunciation, fluency, accuracy, creativity and  sound.

Prepare and check it  in advance.

Don’t forget your transcription or script of the content.

PRESENT YOUR VIDEO IN CLASS TO YOUR TEACHER AND  PARTNERS… bring your comments, recommendations, etc.



Please, up load your video on you tube and send  the link to my e-mail address

de egosum24


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